Language training for companies

Learn English or other languages in your own company. We design the course of the desired language according to the needs of each company. We come to your workplace and give classes in groups or individuals. All levels and all languages (English, German, French, Russian, etc).

We have expert teachers specialized in each language for professional subjects: legal, health, business, etc. Preparation for official exams of the University of Cambridge.

In addition, the training can be free!

Bonus training in our language courses

The companies have credits for training financed by the Tripartite Foundation with the aim of boosting the preparation of professionals. That is to say, every year you have a credit to take courses for your workers and managers.

We manage it and offer you language classes adapted to your needs. English, German, Russian, Chinese, French, Italian, Arabic, Catalan… And all levels. You can request that they be in group or individual. In addition, we move to your headquarters to carry them out in-situ.

If you wish to know the available credit and the necessary management that must be requested to the Tripartite Foundation, consult with us.

Contact us without obligation:

Call 971 72 64 40 or write to the formation coordinator: