English and other language courses in or from Palma de Mallorca

Over the years we have developed different lines of language learning studies (English, German, Russian, etc.) to meet the needs of all our students. Children, adults, businessmen… Because each one of you is special. For this, we propose you the realization of different programs:

  • Courses Abroad
  • English Camps (Happy Days)
  • Languages for Companies

The goal is that everyone can learn the desired language (English, German, French, Russian, etc.) in the easiest way and always practicing it from day one. We adapt to everyone’s needs. From boys and girls of 1 year up to professionals of different working areas (lawyers, teachers, etc). We want to know what you need to know how we can help you. Do not hesitate to explain your particular case to us. We will do everything possible so that you can learn the language you want and achieve your goals.

Teaching languages in Mallorca since 1987

We have been working since 1987 and we have a team of professionals and international organizations that have made us leaders in the Balearic Islands in the teaching and delivery of language courses. Both in our language courses in the Balearic Islands, as in the courses that the student can take abroad, they have a tutor available who will attend to any doubt or need so that your training achieves the best results in the shortest possible time and you learn English, or the chosen language, in a fast and enjoyable way. We also prepare students for the official exams of the University of Cambridge (A1: YL, A2: Ket, B1: Pet, B2: First, C1: Advanced, Y C2: Proficiency). Today, a degree in a foreign language has become an indispensable requirement in many professions and university careers. In Ocidiomes we know this and that is why we prepare you for these tests, and also manage all the necessary formalities. Consult our programs and do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to adapt to your needs or wishes. We have the course of English or another language that you need, either in Majorca or abroad.Ocidiomes, future investment.


We have three academies in Palma that facilitate your attendance in person, adapted to all ages and levels. We are in Via Alemania 1, corner with Pere Dezcallar i Net. You can also get it from the academy we have in calle Eusebio Estada 42 or the most recent one in Palma Racket (Carrer de Galícia, 7, Son Rapinya – Palma).

Telephone numbers:

971 72 64 40 (Avenidas and Son Rapinya)

971 76 12 67 (Eusebio Estada)


We are present in more than 50 schools in the Balearic Islands. Classes for students, teachers and parents. All levels and all languages. Dynamic and motivating classes 100% in the chosen language. Small groups and from 30€ per month. Ask us without obligation. Among our services you will find:
  • Preparation for official exams of the University of Cambridge.
  • Conversation assistant.
  • Study trip.
  • Sports and adventures in English.
  • Playtime (for boys and girls from 1 year)
  • Theatre in English.
  • Courses abroad for teachers.
  • Speaking classes for teachers.
We can design a programme adapted to your needs. And if you are interested in having classes at your children’s school, contact us. Ocidiomes, investment in the future!


Learn English or other languages in your own company. We design the course of the desired language according to the needs of each company. We come to your workplace and give classes in groups or individuals. All levels and all languages (English, German, French, Russian, etc). We have expert teachers specialized in each language for professional subjects: legal, health, business, etc.. Preparation of official exams of the University of Cambridge. In addition, the training can be free!