Ocidiomes has a wide variety of English language programs abroad for adults (students over 16 years old). Students, families and executives or teachers, all have a program adapted to their needs and interests. We have English and other language courses abroad, home teacher, Family study holidays and also paid internships. All of this is thought so that anyone can learn a language and choose the best way to do it according to their needs. This variety of options is one of the many advantages of studying languages abroad with Ocidiomes (Palma de Mallorca).
Ask us without obligation.
You can call us or contact directly with the coordinator of Foreigner: vicky@ocidiomes.com

*Possibility to carry out official examination at destination.

Courses Abroad

We offer language courses in other countries to facilitate learning in a more natural, enjoyable and fast way.

Home Teacher

The aim is to learn English intensively at the teacher’s home, we offer the search for the teacher. Private tuition and 24-hour immersion. Destinations: England, Ireland and USA. Telephone card at reduced prices.

Family study holidays

Travel with your family on holiday and learn English more easily in one of the best areas of the UK.

Paid internships

We offer you an ideal program to practice English in a unique environment.