We propose you the academic year program in Ireland and USA.

More and more students want to maximize their education through an extraordinary experience: study abroad for a school year without losing course, learn “by immersion” another language, fully integrated in a family or in a residence. In this experience, complete mastery of English is just one of the things students achieve when they return home. In addition, this experience will reinforce their process of autonomy and will help them to achieve a more solid and mature personality that will open new horizons for them.
The school year abroad. For most students, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend a year in a foreign country, study its culture and share its lifestyle. To all those students who wish to know and participate in this wonderful experience: our most cordial welcome. The academic year aims to: Promote the effective learning of English and contribute to the enrichment both academic and cultural as well as personal of each student.
We believe that a thorough and very personalized preparation outside of any massification is absolutely indispensable for the success of the program. Therefore, when the student decides to participate in the program, we carry out several interviews and orientation sessions in order to ensure maximum use of the program. In this program the coordination of the courses is carried out by American non-profit organizations approved by the United Sates Information Agency, which regulates the student exchange programs with the United States in the state middle schools, called High Schools. In Ireland, courses take place only in schools recognized by the Irish Department of Education.


We believe that in order to ensure the success of the program it is very important to carry out a careful selection of those students who wish to participate in the Academic Year in the United States.  Not just any student is eligible to participate in this incredible experience. Basic conditions are required:
  • Be at the required age: not less than 15 years old (12 in Ireland) or more than 18 years and six months old at the time of starting the course.
  • Have a genuine desire to participate, as well as sufficient maturity and adaptability.
  • Have a good school record.
  • Have an acceptable knowledge of English.

IMPORTANT: Language courses abroad, referred to on this page, constitute a service provided not by OCIDIOMES, but by third parties, which may be trading companies or foundations and whose registered office may be in Spain or abroad. The contractual relationship between the pupil or his tutors and these companies shall be direct and shall not be the responsibility of OCIDIOMES.